Head Office

#99, Perumal Kovil Street,
Gerugambakkam, Chennai, 600 128

Branch Office

#326/4,Mullai Street,
Ezhil Nagar,Thiruverumbur, Trichy, -620 014

Reliable Water Filtration Systems in Tamil Nadu: Arkey Enviro Care’s Commitment

Arkey Enviro Care Technology is committed to providing reliable water filtration systems throughout Tamil Nadu. With our comprehensive range of UF solutions, we ensure clean and safe water for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications. Our water filtration systems are designed to meet the specific water treatment needs of different industries, ensuring optimal performance, and efficiency. […]

Advanced UF Membrane Technology: Enhancing Water Purification

At the heart of our UF plants lies advanced membrane technology, which plays a crucial role in enhancing water purification. Arkey Enviro Care utilizes high-quality UF membranes that effectively separate suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from the water, delivering clean and safe water for various applications. Key features of our advanced UF membranes […]

Ultrafiltration Plant (UF): A Solution for Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and safety of water used in various industrial processes. Ultrafiltration (UF) plants offer an effective solution for industrial water treatment, providing efficient filtration and purification of water from impurities, suspended solids, and contaminants. Arkey Enviro Care Technology specializes in delivering UF plant solutions tailored […]